Dylan Rippon is a Carlisle-born lad who finds himself living in the wrong universe – in London where he works and Den Haag where he has two daughters with his partner – two lives, two worlds, strange upsides. In London Rippon has a regular group of collaborators including Gregg Braden (The Clang Group), Nigel Hoyle (Gay Dad) and in Den Haag he makes noises with Joeri Gordijn and Sebas Simeon. But that’s just the way life is these days – in pieces, fractured, digit, no borders.

“Jobs are finished; role playing has taken over; the job is a passé entity. The job belonged to the specialist. The kids know that they no longer live in a specialist world; you cannot have a goal today. You cannot say ‘I’m going to start here and I’m going to work for the next three years and I’m going to go all that distance’. EVERY KID KNOWS that within three years everything will have changed, including himself and the goal.”

Marshall McLuhan, 1971

We don’t have lives with beginnings and endings. We don’t have jobs, careers or plans for the future.

I was born in the North of England but I don’t live there anymore. I need to get back. That’s why I love the sound of tape, 4-tracks, the wash of polaroids, sand in my shoes. Where were you born?

At school I was beaten by Jesuit priests. After that I went to College, worked in an off-licence where we kept a baseball bat behind the counter. I lived in the desert for a while. The iPod changed my life but a BMX is better. Sometimes I have panic attacks – really bad ones. Every school should teach human anatomy don’t you think?

We don’t want to make it. We want to un-make it. It’s not that I don’t like the internet I just don’t care enough about any of it.

Line -up: Dylan Rippon – Vocals, guitars, emu-64, stuff – Joeri Gordijn – drums – Sebas Simeon – bass.

Press enquiries: +44 (0) 7786 806 464 or info@everykidknows.com

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    As you can imagine - writing and recording music is a heavenly way to spend a life. Fucking about with social media and websites is about as grim as it gets.....so I apologise that this website is infrequently updated and looks pretty basic!

    We've spent the last year recording our new album. First off we went to Sawmills Studios in Cornwall on the River Fowey - that was pretty magical - then back to Den Haag for all the overdubbing and mixing. We also did a few days at Exalto in Haarlem. So we have a laptop full of new exciting tunes - can't wait to release them into the sea of disdain that is the modern electronic universe.

    Still on a positive note - we've finished the record. Now we are doing all that other crap like sleeves and videos so that's got you up to date........Cheers, Dylan