Defenders Of The Nish

EVERY KID KNOWS | Defenders Of The Nish

RELEASE DATE: 01/12/2016

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Everybody at the speed of light tends to become a nobody. That’s the sign of the times.

And Every Kid Knows that.

What’s the point in ‘making it’ – let’s un-make it!

Northern lines, rusty nails, hospital playgounds and night trains crossing the border.

We listened back to demos we made on an old battered Mac G4, emu-64 and Tascam 4-track. Late night creations. They were never meant to be songs. They were never meant to be finished. But all that trying had ruined the other stuff. We don’t know where our ‘home’ is.

Let’s go back to our bloody knees and BMX dreams – that’s ‘Twelve’. To the lights shooting through the darkness – that’s ‘Stars Aflame’. ‘Dandelions and Valium’ is what happens when you lose yourself in this maelstrom. ‘Put your headgear on and I’ll take you there’. It’s just a matter of time before we’re all wearing stupid goggles to work.

We found a polaroid picture of two kids holding up their bikes – original Tusken Raiders. This is us. We were invincible when we were young.

‘You young pretenders, keepers of the nought,
the nish, defenders of the sweet fuck-all,
think bigger than your pockets, profiles, health;
better by half to take a sideways view,
take a tip from me and deface yourselves.’

Simon Armitage, 2001


1. Twelve (Johnstone)
2. Bluestar (Johnstone, Lucas, Drury, Larratt)
3. Zvyozdny (Johnstone, Lucas, Drury, Larratt)
4. Answerphone (Johnstone)
5. Stars Aflame (Johnstone, Braden, Hoyle)
6. Sensoria (Johnstone)
7. Dandelions And Valium (Johnstone, Hoyle)
8. She Is Everything (Johnstone)
9. Runwaysong (Johnstone, Lucas, Drury, Larratt)
10. Citizen (Johnstone)
11. Tumbling Rains (Johnstone, Lucas)
12. Salvatore (Johnstone, Lucas, Drury, Larratt)


Johnstone – vocals, guitars, keyboards, emu64, stuff
Gregg Braden – drums
George Hoyle – vocals, bass, guitars
Rob Lucas – bass, guitars
Joe Caddy, Quillon Larratt – drums
Tim Drury – vocals, keyboards

Produced and mixed by Dr. Johnstone
Mastered by Frederic Stader at Emil Berliner Studios
Photography courtesy of Jonny Revolt
Artwork by Zeel and Orson

Release Date: December 1st 2016
Available: CD/Vinyl/Digital
Press enquiries: +44 (0) 7786 806 464 or

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